Welcome to the first blog post on the new Brands 4 Learning website. This post is about new changes, exciting beginnings and hopefully fresh opportunities. Many of you probably don’t know what the company is or what we do, and even more of you won’t know who I am. Hopefully I can enlighten you on all three points.

Who are Brands 4 Learning

Brands 4 Learning are a relatively new company, working with a few select clients in the education sector since 2013. Our one-word description is “consultancy” but we’re much more than that. We like to get involved with our clients’ projects and help them realise their goals. It’s only this year that our senior directors, Neil Rhind and Graham Farrow, decided to expand the company and look to increase the client base.

As a result, Matt and I have been brought in to help with this. Both Neil and Graham are well known in the education industry and have a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Bringing us into the team allows Brands 4 Learning to offer a broad range of services and skills, from strategy formulation and project management to digital marketing, branding and product design.

A bit about me

Graham at the 2016 Education Show

Graham at the 2016 Education Show

Before I properly joined the company, I got my feet wet at the Education Show with Graham, to see what the industry was like. Aside from the many comments about the family resemblance, the experience was fantastic. My background is in digital marketing, where the majority of the time is spent dealing with people virtually, so this was a great change.

What became apparent right away, was how much people cared about their industry. The passion and dedication on show was great to see, and has shown me this is an industry I want to be a part of!

This was exemplified last month at the BESA Baton Passing Ceremony, celebrating 40 years of Dominic Savage’s commitment and dedication to BESA. Held at the spectacular Lancaster House in London, it was really interesting to witness the end of a long journey in education, having just embarked on my own.

Brands 4 Learning at BESA Baton Passing Ceremony

Brands 4 Learning at BESA Baton Passing Ceremony

What can I offer?

So what can I offer the education industry? As I mentioned, my background is in digital marketing and, from that perspective, the education industry is several years behind others I have worked with and, though change is happening, it’s slow and unsteady. There are a number of opportunities in digital marketing that seem to be being missed.

Some companies are unaware of these opportunities. Others may be aware but are unsure what online avenues they should pursue, or how best to do so. This is where I can help. Whether you need a new website designed, an email campaign created, online optimisation or help with social media, Brands 4 Learning can advise, manage and facilitate all these services to improve your online presence.

Improving your digital presence can contribute to increased online visitors, drive sales growth, increase mutual engagement with consumers and reinforce your brand image. More and more people are moving to doing their shopping online and, if you’re digital offering is not up to scratch, they will go elsewhere.

Our mission

Hopefully you now know a little more about both myself and Brands 4 Learning. At this point, I feel I should explain a bit about what we stand for. We are passionate about education and the development of high quality resources and services that facilitate greater and broader learning, both in school and at home.

We believe one of the most important challenges we face in the industry is to engage parents more actively in their child’s learning, to reinforce what was done in school and further the interest in the subject. We have particular expertise in the field of STEM products, as our previous work shows, especially in the early years and primary school age ranges, and feel this is an important avenue for education to pursue.

Brands 4 Learning operate with honesty and integrity. We want to forge an open and productive working relationship with companies that share our passion and commitment for education.

Our About us and What we do pages have some more information about who we are and what we do. Of course, if you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please do.