Our Mission – To Grow Your Business!

We are business growth experts, passionate about helping business start-ups and SMEs to achieve their aspirations through bespoke, cost-effective solutions.

Our core competencies lie within Design, Marketing and Management, which has proven to be a highly effective and versatile platform for delivering successful growth for our clients. With extensive global experience within the Toy, Retail and Education Sectors, we specialise in supporting the Learning of future generations.

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Start-Up or SME?

If you’re reading this, you’ve just found your perfect business partner

We believe a key contributor to our success is how we work with our clients. Put simply, we view our clients as partners. Unlike a lot of companies who prescribe predefined services or packages, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach and ability to complement existing teams with services and advice specifically tailored to meet your needs.

At Brands for Learning, we like to keep things simple. Our USP is not some clever marketing gimmick or an overly complicated business model requiring a university degree to understand it. Our USP is simply our team’s skills, knowledge and experience, which we have captured and distilled into 3 core competency areas – Design, Marketing and Management.

“Our USP is the team’s Skills, Knowledge and Experience”

There are so many possibilities and opportunities for companies to grow. The Brands 4 Learning team work with our clients to identify and capitalise on those opportunities, turning them into commercially viable, bespoke solutions.

We have found that our holistic approach, using an innovative blend of Design, Marketing and Management Competencies, to be a highly effective and versatile platform for solving challenges and helping our clients achieve the growth they want.

Whether we are tasked with designing a new product, optimising a website, brand refresh and development, or managing an in-house team, our clients will always benefit from the wide range of the skills and experience we have in the team.

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What Our Clients Say About Us


I was experiencing some challenging market conditions in my company, so I was very pleased to be supported by Brands 4 Learning.

Their approach was practical and helpful from the outset, going from analysing the business thoroughly to developing a plan of real world recommendations. It was a great asset to have such a flexible supportive team to work with through a difficult period – their professionalism and support were exemplary. The successful outcome was the sale of my company to a well-established FTSE PLC.

Tom Marshall, Asco Educational

Over the last two years, Brands 4 Learning have carried out a research and development project on behalf of Learning Resources. Prior to accepting a brief, they took the time to understand the needs and expectations of us as a client, as well as the content of the project.

Once involved in the project, they took ownership of the project, providing us with regular updates. They displayed professionalism in execution and the project was delivered on budget and on time.

The Brands 4 Learning team comprises of a very experienced group of individuals that are established experts within the education supplies industry and have proved to be innovative and knowledgeable leaders in STEM development.

I would recommend Brands 4 Learning as a professional organisation that delivers tangible results for their clients.

Dennis Blackmore, Learning Resources

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